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Feng Sui for your house this 2009

FENG SUI for 2009 . .

The East: The Star of Wealth Ba Bai is here. You can put a glass of water, or grow water plants, or put a fish tank in the East grid of your house to boost your luck of wealth.

The Southeast: There is the location of joyful events. If you have been in a steady relationship for some time but your wedding is not planned yet, you can put 4 potted plants and 9 steams of red flowers in this position to make it happen. Of course boosting the luck in this location catalyzes all joyful events, such as having a baby if you're married, getting a career promotion or salary raise etc.

The South: This is the position of major sickness and it brings problems to your respiratory and digestive system. If your main door, kitchen or bedroom falls right on the South grid, you would even have more serious symptoms. To resolve, put a music box or wind chimes in the south grid of the house. You can also put other metal objects that make a sound there, such as several metal keys.

The Southwest: There is where the Star Qi Chi shines on. It was the Star of strongest luck previously and its luck is slowly fading. Yet, it still brings some luck. You can put a glass of water in the Southwest grid to boost your luck of wealth.

The West: This is the location of quarrels and fights and you can put a pink carpet in the West grid of your home to resolve. (If your job demands talking frequently to strangers, then you don't need to resolve it.)

The Northwest: This is the direction of minor sickness and if your main door, kitchen or bedroom falls right on the Northwest grid of the house, you'd get sick easily. The ailments would be mostly related to the respiratory system (i.e. throat, trachea, and lungs) and the abdomen. You can put a metal object that makes a sound (e.g. a conventional music box, wind chimes or a bunch of metal keys) in that grid of your house to resolve.

The North:
This is the location of courage and military ability and it brings luck to anyone having a non-clerical job. If you want a promotion, put 8 white stones in the North grid of your house. If you want a salary raise, put a glass of water there. Those in disciplinary squads, rail maintenance, or those working as computer hardware technicians, interior decoration workers or construction workers would all benefit from this position.

The Northeast:
This is where the luck of intellectual achievement is located. To boost such luck, you can grow 4 water bamboo plants in the Northeast grid of your house. Or simply putting a glass of water there would help too. Besides enhancing the luck of students and scholars, such direction also has positive effects on signing contracts or processing of documents

The Central Grid:
This is the location of relationship. To boost your love luck and general human relations, put a glass of water here with a conventional music box next to it. Wind the music box from time to time to vibrate the water with sound waves. This is not restricted to single readers only. If you want to make more connections, or your job demands frequent social contacts and interpersonal skills, you should try it even if you're married.

Easy setting out
1. Put a compass in the middle of your house (or a floor plan)
2. Divide the house into 8 sections with the even degree shown in Fig. 1. They have become North, Notheast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest grids.
3. The center of the house is the 'Center Grid' which contains about 1/9 of the house area, see Fig. 2

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