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Chinese compatibility for the year of the Tiger, find your true partner for life..

Tiger & Tiger

When two tigers are paired together there will be no shortage of adventure or excitement – if anything, it may works against them. Both have independent and determined nature, both are motivated and active, and it is unlikely that one will want to follow the other’s footsteps. If you are both prepared to allow each other the freedom to pursue personal interests without reporting back to one another, this relationship could work well. You would also have to allow for the fact that domestic life might be too busy with other interests to notice!

Tiger & Rabbit

The Tiger is more adventurous than the Rabbit, although both share an independent sprit. The Tiger’s wanderings are likely to be far more lively than those of the Rabbit, who prefers time alone to think or to be creative, but ultimately you both want secure home base. As long as there is versatility and freedom in the relationship you appreciate the times you are together, but neither of you likes to feel trapped. Of the two, it is the Tiger who may become restless and wander off in search of new excitement, while the Rabbit remains attached to familiar surroundings, so it is important for the Tiger to find time at home to share quieter and more intimate moments with the Rabbit.

Tiger & Dragon

This is a combination full of enthusiasm and possibilities. Both characters are spirited and adventurous, although the Dragon may give more forethought to a new proposal than the Tiger. Both are sociable and open to suggestions and ideas, although if pushed too far it will be hard for the partnership to regain a sense of balance. Routine and predictability are not found in lively argument over some new project or scheme. You are both passionate in your outlook and approach, and your shared enjoyment of life is likely to overcome the disagreements that will inevitably occur.

Tiger & Snake

When the Tiger believes something is right or worth fighting for, he or she will immediately spring into action. This level of energy and enthusiasm seems unnecessary and often irritating to the snake, which likes to develop a strategy beforehand. While the Tiger will try to urge the Snake into action, the Snake usually prefers to stick to a familiar routine and pace. And though the Snake’s interest can be aroused by new schemes, it is the way in which the two animal signs operate that may cause antagonism. Like the Tiger, the Snake is interested in ideas and is capable of identifying social or financial possibilities, but there needs to be compromise and negotiation over the approach.

Tiger & Horse

When there is a new place to discover or a party to attend, the Tiger and the Horse will be there. It takes little persuasion from either side to explore a new avenue or take a risk if here is something interesting to experience. This passion for life is one of the strengths in this relationship, and even though it can make life chaotic, it does not deter you. While the Tiger enjoys adventure for its own sake, the Horse is something to be gained personally, although he or she may not realize that this is the case. This should not have any kind of detrimental effect on the relationship, however, since the Horse believes that he or she is acting with the best of intentions.

Tiger & Goat

While the Tiger needs independence to pursue new interests, the Goat needs independence to contemplate or to dream but also requires the added dimension of security and reassurance. The Goat does not want to be left to fend off strangers, cope with confrontations or be asked to fight for a new cause, and the Tiger can provide the security and the care that the Goat needs without making unnecessary demands. The Tiger usually knows how far to intercede on the Goat’s behalf without appearing over-protective. These two signs combine well as they have a mutual respect, but it is important that neither feels trapped in the relationship.

Tiger & Monkey

The adventurous and the astute are combined in this match. You are happy to explore together and experience new situations, but the Monkey usually has the upper hand. The Tiger may be excitable but is more straightforward than the Monkey, so while the Monkey is devising schemes and looking at new angles the Tiger may be happily traveling along without examining the undercurrents. And while an unexpected obstacle may stall the Tiger, the Monkey will most likely have already anticipated a way round it. These two animal sign can be more open and less critical while the Tiger needs to be more patient and tolerant.

Tiger & Rooster

The Tiger’s attention will be caught by the Rooster’s extrovert character, and for a while this is very appealing, but before long the Tiger is likely to criticize rather than flatter. The Rooster likes to takes an active role in events whereas the Tiger will begin to question the Rooster’s judgment. In return, the Rooster feels unfairly treated and misrepresented, but beneath the Rooster’s frank exterior is a responsible and courageous character; it just takes time and understanding for the Tiger to appreciate this. In order to put the relationship on a firm footing, both of you must be more patient and truthful about your needs and feelings.

Tiger & Dog

The Dog has a more cautious nature than the Tiger and will fire a warning shot if he or she thinks the Tiger is going too far or taking unnecessary risks. In return, the Tiger appreciates the Dog’s watchfulness and loyalty. Sometimes the Dog will remain in the background, admiring the Tiger’s enthusiasm, but if a worthwhile cause presents itself the Dog will not hesitate to leap into action. These two animal signs combined create a formidable team when they are fighting on behalf of others. However, while you are both pursuing your individual interests, the Tiger should not forget that the Dog needs tenderness and reassurance if the relationship is to flourish.

Tiger & Pig
These two signs share many of life’s interests and will encourage and defend one another. The bonds of friendship and attraction are likely to be strong; you both recognize the time for companionship and the time for freedom and independence, and will not make unreasonable demands on each other. Sometimes the Pig can be native in his or her enthusiasms and the Tiger will arrive with a word of warning, which the Pig usually accepts. When the Tiger heads off in search of adventure the Pig will tolerantly watch the Tiger from a distance, but when complications arise the Pig knows how to rein the Tiger back in.



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