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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Year of the Ox

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Ox & Ox

You are both good organizers and efficient workers, and it is rare for you to make a hasty judgment. You are not afraid of challenges or variety but you choose security over risk and resent being forced to make rash decisions. Neither of you thrives on turbulent emotional scenes, preferring instead to conduct your relationship at a steady and reliable pace. You know how to find a balance between professional and personal commitments but, if anything, the pattern of your life may be a little too predictable, and from time to time one of you will be tempted to throw caution to the wind and experiment with the unusual.

Ox & Tiger

The Ox has to keep a close eye on the Tiger in order for this relationship to flourish. The Tiger is able to provide a certain security, which the Ox likes, and at the same time adds an air of excitement, which is appreciated as long as it is not pushed too far. In return the Ox is reliable and loving, but should not become too dependent since the Tiger also needs his or her freedom. The Tiger may get itchy feet and feel the need to flirt and have some fun, and to some extent the Ox will try to ignore what is happening. However, the Ox does not have limitless amounts of patience; the Tiger has to know when to hold back and behave so that the Ox can be reassured that all is well.

Ox & Rabbit
You both appreciate the comforts of home and the stability of familiar environments. Neither of you wants to take unnecessary risks or be involved in emotional confrontations; what you need is security, tenderness and dependability. The Rabbit is the more hesitant and nervous of the two signs, and if one of you has to defend your relationship then it is the Ox who will rise to the challenge. The Rabbit is more apprehensive of the unknown or unpredictable, but the Ox is well grounded and solid, armed with common sense and determination when faced by a crisis. And if the Ox stubbornly refuses to move from his or her standpoint, the intelligent Rabbit will put the Ox at ease and persuade him or her to compromise.

Ox & Dragon

The vivacious dragon will definitely challenge the Ox’s patience and orderly life. The Ox likes to tread cautiously, weighting advantages against disadvantages before making a commitment. The Dragon takes more risks, excited by the possibilities ahead but usually intelligent enough to identify the pitfalls. The Ox admires the Dragon’s energy and charisma, while the Dragon appreciates the Ox’s dependability. The Ox can provide a stable backdrop to the Dragon’s adventures, but the Dragon must be careful not to take advantage of the Ox’s support. If the Dragon becomes too elusive, the strong-willed Ox will be quick to object, so the Dragon needs to be opened to the concerns of the more conservative Ox.

Ox & Snake

The Ox is attracted by the Snake’s charm and attentiveness, and will happily care and cater for the beguiling Snake. The Ox is likely to take care of the domestic organization and finances while the Snake ventures forth to pursue new ideas and astutely handle negotiations or deals, returning to the Ox now and again for sound advice. When the situation demands, the wise Snake rises to a challenge with energy and intelligence against the Ox. The Ox is trustworthy and patient, and the Snake should be careful not to betray this trust, since the foundations are here for a strong partnership.

Ox & Horse

It is not always easy for the Ox to adapt to the Horse’s energy and flights of fancy; the Horse may head off in direct pursuit of an interesting idea while the Ox is still considering the best course of action. The Horse’s restless nature will eventually irritate the Ox who needs time to sit, reflect and plan. But if he Ox is willing to compromise and accept the Horse’s unusual and daring adventures. The Ox offers patient and loving support, but the Horse cannot expect the Ox to make exuberant romantic declarations, and should not be too disappointed when he or she is told to act sensibly.

Ox & Goat

In this partnership, the sensible and reliable Ox offers the Goat stability, and in return the Goat is often full of ideas and imaginings which charm the Ox. It is likely that the Ox will take the responsibility for the day-to-day practicalities and decision-making, which certainly takes a weight off the Goat’s shoulders. If anything, the Ox might be just a little too set in his or her ways, and this could somewhat dampen the Goat’s fanciful ideas. However, the Goat usually has good intentions and certainly does not want to cause any trouble or harm, and the Ox appreciates this.

Ox & Monkey

The vivacity of the Monkey contracts to the constancy of the Ox. The Monkey may be out and about charming others and colluding in a variety of schemes and projects, while the Ox watches with interest but will not try to match the Monkey. At the end of the day, the Ox provides a stable and firm home base. There is something in the Ox is not viewed as competition since he or she does not play the Monkey’s game. A level of trust can develop between you both, and as long as the Ox is not hurt or deceived, a trusting and balanced relationship can be formed.

Ox & Rooster
There is plenty of potential here for a happy and long-lasting relationship. Privacy and freedom are important to you both and you also respect each other’s talents. The Rooster brings fun into the Ox’s life, introducing new ideas and encouraging the Ox to experiment with new colors and designs. The cautious Ox enjoys this new dimension, and in return offers reliability and security. The Ox may quash some of the Rooster’s wilder ideas, considering them too frivolous, but will offer support and guidance for the more realistic ones. The Ox is steady and dependable, and it is this emotional support, which appeals to the vulnerable and sensitive streak that the Rooster keeps hidden.

Ox & Dog

The Ox and the Dog share a bond of loyalty, reassured by the fact that they are there for each other at the end of a long way. When trouble appear on the horizon the soon becomes anxious, worrying over possible dangers and repercussions, but the Ox steadily confronts the problem. Instead of fretting about what is yet to happen, the Ox deals sensibly with immediate issues while keeping a watchful eye on the future. The Ox is a calming influence on the Dog when he or she panics, but also appreciates the Dog’s faithfulness, thoughtfulness and depth of character.

Ox & Pig
Although the pig likes – and needs – a good social life, he or she is equally content sharing cozy evening with the Ox. The Pig likes the home based and stable Ox, although will undoubtedly feel restless and convince the Ox that a party or a weekend away is just what you both need. Meanwhile, the Ox is charmed by the Pig’s honesty and playful company, and will probably acquiesce to the Pig’s wishes. From time to time, the Ox will be cross when the Pig behaves recklessly, perhaps keeping both of you out too late or spending lavish amounts on a luxury item. But in the end neither of you want to upset the other, nor it is unlikely that any long-term resentment will be harbored.



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