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Chinese Zodiac Animals Compatibility - RAT

Rat & Rat

You are as intense and passionate as one another, and when you first meet it may seem that the outside world hardly exists as you are so caught up in the pleasure of each other’s company. You share a sense of fun and humour, and you are both private and secretive, as well as determined and suspicious. But eventually the highs of this relationship may wear thin simply because you are so similar. If resentment begins to creep in with one partner it will probably also arise in the other, and you will slowly pick at each other’s faults. If, however, you realize what is happening and approach this care, a sense of security can be restored.

Rat & Ox

The Ox and the Rat appreciate each other’s need for independence and privacy, and while the Ox is organizing daily affairs, the Rat may be devising new schemes or looking for challenging opportunities. Although the Rat is astute, the Ox can also offer sensible advice and together they make a determined partnership. There is a natural mutual respect, and when the situation demands, they can both be serious, perseverant workers. There is, however, a side to the Rat that is more passionate and gregarious and less controlled than the discreet Ox; the Rat’s sudden lively reactions can sometimes catch the Ox unawares, although these unexpected moments usually come as a welcome surprise.

Rat & Tiger
These two signs share a need for stimulation and change, although the Rat is not prepared to go as far or as fast as the Tiger. The Rat enjoys a new challenge and, like the Tiger, is often bored by mundane, day-to-day matters. Sometimes, however, the Tiger can be too adventurous, which makes the Rat feel nervous or isolated. The tiger enjoys romance and flirtation, and in an established relationship the Tiger sees this as just having a bit of fun, but it can be rather irritating for the Rat. There may also be clashes over the Rat’s need to feel secure and provided for, in contract to the Tiger’s more carefree approach. However, the two signs will be able to find a balance as long as the Tiger understands the Rat’s hopes and fears and tries to make plan and share his or her ideas.

Rat & Rabbit

The Rat’s drive and energy may be unnerving for the more peaceful rabbit, and if the rabbit cannot keep up with the pace it might not be long before the Rat turns his or her sharp criticism on the hapless rabbit. The Rabbit will be able to adapt to a certain extent, but can only deal with a limited amount of unpredictability and mood change. The Rat likes a challenge and can be full of passion and determination but the Rabbit mat withdraw, unsure of what is going on. The Rabbit is the more careful and less competitive of the two signs, although both do a share a need for security and comfort in a relationship, and this could be the common ground that allows the relationship to work.

Rat & Dragon

The Dragon knows how to charm and captive the Rat, and together they form a lively and adventurous couple. The dragon likes to be the center of attention, winning over an audience and attracting a band of admirers. But the Rat is not left in the shadows – he or she can share in the dragon’s plan or games, offering subtle and spotting good opportunities. Both signs are gregarious and confident, and are likely to prevent one another from pursuing their own particular interests. If the Rat needs privacy or space the busy Dragon will not object, and when the Dragon needs admiration the Rat will not be short of complements.

Rat & Snake

You are both astute observers of the world around you, and when a good opportunity appears you both know to take advantage of it. There is a certain understanding between you, and sometimes you can read each other’s thoughts without a word being spoken. If anything, the Rat has more drive than the Snake, and when the Snake wants to sit back for a well-deserved break and the Rat may still be negotiating or planning. You can both be lively company, and share a subtle and sharp sense of humour. The Rat and the Snake are both passionate signs, and although the Snake wants fidelity and commitment as much as the Rat, this might be harder for the Snake to put into practice. The Rat may need to give the Snake a little more time to commit, and in return the Snake will have to learn to be more attentive to this partnership.

Rat & Horse

The emotions of the Rat and the Horse likely to run high, and this could initially prove to be a very passionate relationship. For a while the world may pass you by because you are so wrapped up in each other, but before long the Rat may pull back. The Horse feels the highs and lows of romance very deeply, and result the realities of work and responsibility take second place. In contract, the Rat keeps a keen eye on what is happening beyond the relationship and will not lose control. The horse’s total involvement could irritate the Rat, whose sharp criticisms may leave the Horse feeling hurt and unfairly treated. For this romance to flourish, the Rat has to hold back criticism while the Horse calms down to focus of the practicalities of life.

Rat & Goat

The Goat finds it hard to keep up with the Rat’s energy and drive, and would rather be left to take things in his or her own time. You are both romantics and have determined streak, but this is expressed in different ways. The Rat is good at spotting opportunities and carrying plans through efficiently, while the Goat likes to mull over life, taking time out to dream or to create. The Rat wants to get going, see a project completed and then be recognized for the skills and effort that he or she has put in. The Goat cannot be pushed in this way, and may well be too preoccupied even to notice the Rat’s achievements. In order for this partnership to survive and thrive, the Goat will have to be more focused and attentive and the Rat more tolerant.

Rat & Monkey
These two signs can find great excitement and energy in each other, but they are both strong characters and there is an element of competition to contend with. The Rat is always at the loosing hand when in battle of these two animals. If this is kept in check they can be great company, but it is not unusual for the Monkey ultimately to gain the upper hand. In early stages of a relationship the Monkey may be swept along, but the Rat’s intensity and passion can be alluring, but he or she is also skilful and could easily emotionally out-maneuver the Rat, so the two signs need to establish a balance whereby the Rat allows the Monkey some space and the Monkey, in return, is more emotionally straightforward.

Rat & Rooster

The Rat is a good observer and rarely acts on impulse, preferring to analyse situations before making a commitment. The rooster likes to be seen and heard, whereas the resourceful Rat chooses his or her words more skillfully. Initially, the Rat may only see a superficial side to the rooster’s nature and will soon become irritated and critical of his or her shallowness, but the Rooster is also courageous and thoughtful. Time and patience is needed to overcome first impressions so that the Rat can discover and appreciate the Rooster’s honesty and openness. Once the Rat really understands the Rooster, he or she will find that they both share a strong critical capacity, and will value the Rooster’s sharp skills of judgment.

Rat & Dog

The Rat and the Dog share a need for privacy; the Rat guards his or her independence, while the Dog shies away from noise and aggression. In company, the Rat is more confident and socially adept, and will give the Dog the confidence that he or she may lack in public. The dog is often anxious, wondering what problems or pitfalls lie ahead, but the Rat keeps a wary eye on the world. These two signs can form a close and trusting bond: the Dog appreciates the Rat’s intelligence and energy but also understands the Rat’s watchfulness, and in return, the Rat appreciates the Dog’s sincerity, honesty and fidelity. In times of trouble, the supportive and trustworthy Dog will be at the Rat’s side, fearlessly offering his or her support.

Rat & Pig
You are both capable of a loving, deep relationship, although the Rat’s passion may be a bit startling for the Pig. The Rat can be joyful and intense, meaningful and moody, and the peaceful Pig can usually handle the whole range. The Pig may, however, be upset if the Rat is too aggressive or demanding, but the Pig usually finds a cheerful way to resolve the tension. The Pig share the Rat’s sense of fun, and together you both like to indulge in life’s luxuries. You are likely to spend many happy and exciting days in each other’s company, and although the Rat may become frustrated by the pig’s innocence, the affection and the care that the Pig offers more than compensate for this.



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