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Chinese Zodiac - Dragon. Predictions about Career, Love, Wealth, Health for 2008..


Born in: 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000


Magical, shrewd, intuitive, artistic and very lucky. Alternately, can be stubborn, irritable and impulsive. Can also be rather worldly and hard to get close to. Full of vitality, self assured, bright and master of success. Somewhat proud and quick-tempered, the Dragon personality is always attractive.
The mighty and magnificent Dragon of mythical folklore never ceases to enchant or stir the imagination. The Dragon person is magnanimous and full of vitality and strength. To him life is a blaze of colors and he is constantly on the go. Egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical or terribly demanding and unreasonable, he is still never without a band of admirers. Proud, aristocratic and very direct, the Dragon-born establishes his ideals early in life and demands the same high standards and perfection from others that he has for himself.
The powerful Dragon is difficult to contest, at times even impossible. He tends to intimidate those who dare challenge him. An angry, spurned Dragon could be like the big bad wolf at your door. He'll huff and he'll puff until he blows your house down.
In spite of his volcano of emotions, the Dragon cannot be said to be sentimental, sensitive or very romantic. He takes love and adulation for granted: they are his just due. But while he maybe stubborn, irrational and overbearing when irked, the Dragon can forgive you the moment he gets over his outbursts. And since things are supposed to work both ways, he expects your forgiveness for his errors, too.
The Dragon likes: Festivals, Control, Wealth, Comfort, Concerts, Antique and Decadence.

The Dragon dislikes: Boredom, Cold, Dullness, Hunger, Hypocrisy and Quietness.
Compatible Animals: Rat, Monkey, Rooster

Incompatible Animals: Dog, Rabbit, Ox, Dragon

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast

Good and bad luck are an equal mix. All matters require you to stay on the defensive, rather than to be on the offensive. When there are changes, you should make detail plans, and after doing thorough contemplation on the matter, you may execute it systematically. This year you see lots of gossips surrounding yourself. Unforeseen
misfortunes befall onto you, so you have to settle the matter in a low-key manner, and bury the hatchet. Also, if you have faith and diligence, this will also be a stable year for you.
Stay out of the circle of gossips, and you should mind your own business. Be pure at heart, honest and law abiding. Do not get involve in illegal activities, so as to avoid getting into lawsuits. Youngsters should stay away from bad company which will be good for your personal growth. Health, is good, just be alert of occurrence of injuries and accidents, especially when doing outdoor activities. Do not speed, drive safely.
Wealth luck fluctuates, so you should not make huge investments, and curb gambling. Proper income luck is steady, so conserve your every expenditure, so as not to sink into financial difficulties. Also, do not take up loans or be a guarantor.
Romance luck is wavering; couples have frequent disputes. Family discord should be resolved as soon as possible.

Better to stay put and be on the defensive side this year. Handle every matter in a low-key manner. Do not do huge investment, especially speculative and illegal activities, else you face regrets. Regardless of whether you are in the business, political or working sector, stay away from gossips. Silence is golden. If you have thoughts of starting or expanding your business, please do a thorough and sound proposal and think thrice before proceeding.. This is a relatively level year. Those schooling should be self-disciplined and be diligent, stay away from bad company.
Do not be hasty to get things done. Wait patiently for the ripe time to strike.


Romance luck is not good. Couples are in dispute frequently. Cherish and improve your current relationship, where mutually being tolerant, caring and understanding are easily affected by rumours and gossips, or the intrusion of 3rd party; it is better to have it resolve earlier. When you are together with you’re your family, do not be so agitated, show more tolerance, because family discord is not good for your luck.


Unfathomable wealth luck; very hard to predict indeed. Proper wealth luck is level while windfalls are not present. When doing up an investment proposal, consider the market situation and have a fail proof contingency plan. Do not be greedy for fast and easy cash, such that you do risky stuff, where you will eventually end up in deep trouble. When strolling outside, beware of muggers. During business networking sessions, take caution of sexual traps, where rational mind and pure heart will protect your wealth. Regardless of any circumstances, do not be a guarantors.


Health can be considered to be good. However, over-indulgence in tobacco, alcohol and sex are the main factors harming your body. Be extra careful when handling sharp objects. Kid doing outdoor activities should take note of safety. When you are overseas, be careful of catching a cold.



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