Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feng Shui Garden Tips, make your house more vibrant and full of luck..

Feng Shui Garden Tips:

· Keep your garden clutter free.

· If there is anything that is broken, fix it or throw it away.

· Similarly, if there are any dead or dying plants, get rid of them!

· Take care of the little things, like the weeds coming up out of your sidewalk.

· Plants with round leaves are preferable to other types.

· Similarly, do not have any thorny bushes or other sharp edged accessories near any pathway.

· Make any paved paths curvy and winding and rounded. A curved pathway to your entryway encourages good energy flow.

· Practice good landscaping upkeep! Do not let your landscaping overgrow onto walkways or entryways.

· Keep your garbage cans hidden.

· Incorporate the five elements: water, metal, wood, fire, and earth. You can be creative with this one. For water, you can have a fountain, pond (circular, or at least rounded), or birdbath. For metal, add a sundial, metal bench, or statue. Your trees are a good source for wood. For fire, you can incorporate a fire pit, or you could even use flowers of bright orange and red to represent the color of fire. For earth… use earth!

· Have lights in the dark areas of your garden.

· Incorporate curves and proportion.

· Plant herbs in your garden.

· Delicate flowers are a wonderful touch, since they will sway in even the gentlest of breezes.

Remember that the size of your garden or yard is irrelevant. You can incorporate these feng shui tips regardless! Also, realize that your garden is the Yin to your home, which is the Yang. Therefore, your garden and home should balance each other. For instance, the rounded lines of your garden will balance out the sharp, straight edges of your home

Feng shui is all about balance. Balance rough rocks with glassy surfaced water or delicate flowers, etc. These have been just a few feng shui tips to get you started. Once you see what a difference it makes incorporating even a few of these tips, you are surely going to want to read up and find even more feng shui tips!



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