Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chinese Zodiac - Rat.. Predictions about Career, Love, Wealth, Health for 2008..

Your Luck In Year 2008

Overall Forecast
You have a lot of inauspicious stars in your life cycle this year, where you also happen to meet your own life year (conflicting with Tai Sui). You will encounter work obstructions. Fortunately, if you are composed and flexible to changes, be steady and keep a low profile, you might be able to quell the danger. Meantime, you have the protection of Jiang Xing star, which enables you to break through obstacles in most times. Career and fortune luck will see breakthrough, but be cautious of gossiping, which may affect love luck.
From the career perspective, your career may meet turbulence, yet miracles will happen often. Good personal relationship with others will be a boost to career and entrepreneurship. This is a year of change, where change of jobs, position will be common. The matters of health are fine, but prevent catching a cold or overwork. Be careful of injuries and accidents, falls and injured limbs when at outdoors.

Wealth luck is excellent but it is not suited for gambling, not even for high risk speculative activity. You should eradicate the spendthrift habit, and beware of wealth luck dissipating. Love is in the air and full of romance. But mean person is in the way, where the lovers are principally affect by the adverse effect of gossips and rumours

Even though Rat offends Tai Sui, the auspicious stars are present to provide you assistance to subdue dangers and misfortunes. Career luck is stable with some obstructions present, but you can breakthrough it. Find means to improve affiliation with others, avoid making enemies, or dealing with illegal business. Pay attention to your noble persons, as they are the tremendous drive in your career or entrepreneurship. Do not let the desire of achieving good results overwhelm your judgment. Be prudent and live by your words.

Your romance luck for this year is quite steady, though the fear is that gossips can distress the love life. The married couples in particular, should acutely manage worrisome scandalous rumours; otherwise, the disharmony will fragment the family.

Wealth luck is smooth sailing, and rational investment will reap fruits of labour. Do not get involved in risky, speculative and get rich-fast scheme. Be more prudent in money matters. Control your expenditures. You should not place hopes on windfall and gambling luck this period. Beware of your wealth luck draining away in the end of the year. Be vigilant when business socializing, and avoid scandalous affairs so as to avert lawsuits.

Health is quite good but injuries are likely, so it is wise not to drink and drive. Avoid dark small lane at night to avert mugging and injuries. The elderly Rat should not climb high to reach for items. Take extra precaution when handling sharp objects



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