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Chinese Zodiac - Tiger. Predictions about Career, Love, Wealth, Health for 2008..

Born in: 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998


Courageous, active, and self-assured, a natural leader, passionate and independent. Possibly restless especially if born at night. Rebellious and dynamic. A warrior and center of attention. Quick tempered but considerate. Affectionate but careless. A roaring success awaits the Tiger.
In the East, the Tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring. A rebellious, colorful and unpredictable character, he commands awe and respect from all quarters. This fearless and fiery fighter is revered as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts.
The Tiger is a fortunate person to have around provided you are prepared for all the activity that comes along with his dynamic personality. The impulsiveness and vivacity of the Tiger person are contagious. His vigor and love of life are stimulating. He will arouse every sort of emotion in people except indifference. In short, the captivating tiger loves being the center of attention.

The Tiger likes: Changes, New experiences, Flattery, Surprises, Quality and Parties.
The Tiger dislike: Boredom, Criticism, Ignorance, Responsibility, Laws and Slowness.

Compatible Animals:
Horse, Dog
Incompatible Animals: Snake Monkey

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast

This year is a test of endurance for Tigers compare to previous year. Control your temper and rashness. Evil stars gather in your life cycle, undertakings are not good. Thus, be extra alert with regards to business establishment, expansion or career advancement matters.
The career luck experiences fluctuations, business dealings are with many setbacks. Working persons should continue to be adaptable to environment; and performance is also continued to be in good lights of your superior. The young Tigers lack the drive to study, coupled with confused moods. There may be mouth and stomach illness, so take note of daily meal consumption. Beware of muggers when outdoors. Take greater care of the elderly at home. Take precaution against fire hazards.

Wealth luck is low, proper income is stable, with no signs of windfalls, so control your spending tp prevent cash flow problem. There may be loss of monetary funds, so manage your finance prudently. This is not a good year for relationship matters, where there are communication issue with family, and lovers; be more tolerant and caring.
This is a good year for working Tigers, so boost up rapport with others; everyone across the organization is in harmony, causing tasks to be done more efficiently, and being able to assume more crucial roles. Those keen to establish business has to meticulously draw up a sound business plan, survey the market situation personally, and to avoid making loss. Business owners should preserve their business value this year, network broadly, control temper, where being haughty and conceited will incur disastrous defeat. Tigers who does not get involve in risky stuff may see miraculous events.


Love affairs are often affected due to your mood swings, which make yourself unbearable to be with. Cut down on your bad temper. It is pertinent to sustain harmony between couples, be tolerant and show care. Even when there are disputes, there are chances of remedial. The singles will have the chance to associate with opposite gender during the 5th and 10th lunar month, however the link between the two of you is so transient, but note that haste brings failure.

Wealth luck is dim and lack support, so prudently manage your wealth, and save for the rainy day, or else you will suffer at the hands of financial crisis. Proper income luck is stable, with no signs of windfall luck, so stay away from gambling, to avoid being debt laden. High risk or illegal and speculative activities should be avoided at all cost. Do not assume loans or role of a guarantor this year. There is also a fear of sudden events happening in the family causing huge monetary loss. Avoid small dark lanes at night for fear of mugging.


Health is weak, anxiety and frustration upsets your sleep, resulting in more illness. It is wise to be optimistic to all matters. Take note of food hygiene. Those with past illness should watch out for possible early signs of relapse and seek treatment promptly to curb it from worsening. Take note of elderly health and home safety. The very first aged may suffer from illness more easily.


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