Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ARIES Horoscope 2009 , whole year astrology


LOVE: You’ll feel as if you are the center of attention and will tend to give advice to all and sundry. Don’t be afraid of declaring your feelings as they will be reciprocated.
WORK: A serene period with few problems. Having more time on your hands will allow you to show off your best side and great qualities and co-workers will like and trust you.
HEALTH: Pay attention to your nervous system as it could be fragile.


LOVE: You’ll feel suffocated and won’t know how to tell your Partner this although he or she will pick up on your ill ease. Try not to be so egocentrical and be more loving.
WORK: Your intuition will turn out to be great. Someone will try to criticize it due to the fact he or she is envious of you. However you will ignore this and things will go smoothly.
HEALTH: To get back into great shape, the Stars recommend swimming or sport.


LOVE: Your mood will be up and down and this will create tension in those around you. Try not to be so snappy with your partner.
WORK: You won’t work effectively or logically so results will be disappointing. If you realize your error however, you’ll manage to find a solution.
HEALTH: You could tend to overeat - don’t be so voracious.


LOVE: Tiredness will make you slightly less reactive than usual. You’ll take some time out to reflect on what you want and need.
WORK: Someone will hinder your completion of a task, probably due to envy. Avoid confrontation and behave fairly and professionally. The guilty party will eventually be revealed.
HEALTH: You could be prone to bouts of melancholy so don’t isolate yourself from others; spend time with friends and enjoy yourself - you need it.


LOVE: Try to knock the rough edges off your character as you are rather argumentative. You should also try to trust your partner more if you want a happier life.
WORK: You’ll tend to offload your stress onto others and this is unfair. Try not to impose yourself and be coherent with what you say or you will lose support.
HEALTH: You’ll be able to relax in peace and tranquility. Do some movement.


LOVE: You’ll have some great intentions and this will put you in a good mood. Try to never take anything for granted.
WORK: Your feet aren’t firmly on the ground and you’ll welcome new input and opportunities in a superficial way. Be careful.
HEALTH: You’ve now reached your limits - you are always tired and you are losing your ability to concentrate.


LOVE: Be more patient and behave wisely. Try to understand what your partner’s real demands are.
WORK: You’ll realize that the parts of your job which you’d thought were solid and stable are not so. Try not to get disheartened and try to find new solutions.
HEALTH: You’ll have heaps of energy and your great mood will give you boundless energy in everyday life.


LOVE: You’ll make a major change in your relationship and this will make you feel confused and disorientated…however, this is the right choice and change is sometimes necessary.
WORK: You’ll get the opportunity to settle an important deal but try not to take any rushed decisions.
HEALTH: Watch what you eat, maybe it’s time to start a diet.


LOVE: You’ll have the strength of character to turn around a situation which seemed worrying. Your partner will be amazed by your original and romantic ideas.
WORK: You’ll manage to handle a complex affair in a methodical and professional way. Your skills and professionalism will be praised by your superiors.
HEALTH: The Stars will look after you and all will go smoothly.


LOVE: You’ll tend to choose friends depending on common interests. You’ll be able to express yourself openly.
WORK: You will gain the support and help of an influential person. You’ll know how to make the most of this and will be grateful.
HEALTH: Your blood pressure will suddenly go down and you’ll lose all desire to do anything. Take some natural supplements.


LOVE: You’ll feel you are losing control of the situation. You are tired of not knowing how your relationship is going. Try to remain positive.
WORK: You’ll need to change your behavior towards co-workers as you risk creating animosity which will later be difficult to eliminate.
HEALTH: You could suffer from low blood pressure so try to stay in the shade and drink a great deal of liquids.


LOVE: You’ll do your best to get noticed by a potential partner, at the risk of making a fool of yourself. Don’t be afraid of just being yourself as he or she will appreciate your simplicity.
WORK: You’ll start off by acting instinctively when faced with a situation which feels like a threat. You’ll then decide however to use different criteria.
HEALTH: If you can, spend some time in the open air.



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