Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taurus 2009 whole year horoscope


LOVE: Your attempts to patch things up with your partner will fail, not because of you but because of his or her personal problems.
WORK: You’ll be very tired and will look for a diversion. You’ll tend to not give your all at work and one of your bosses will express disappointment.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you dedicate yourself more time. Do some reading or go to the movie theater.


LOVE: You’ll discover your partner is rational rather than passionate and will feel really disappointed. Be patient and try to get him or her to re-discover his ( or her) instincts.
WORK: The opportunity you’ve been waiting will finally arrive. Don’t think about things too much and grab it whilst you can as you may well not get a second chance. The effects will be positive yet brief.
HEALTH: You should get out of the house more and enjoy the fresh air. This will be good for mental and physical energy levels.


LOVE: You’ll feel that things are slipping away from under your feet. Your insecurity is due to an envious person who is plotting against you. Stay calm.
WORK: You’ll have heaps of imagination and will introduce a more artistic side to your career.
HEALTH: Watch out for temperature highs and lows as you are feeling a little weak and run down at the moment.


LOVE: You’ll be tired and mentally exhausted. You should involve your partner more in events which concern you both.
WORK: Some initial panic will snowball. If you don’t need this hassle, don’t worry about it and try to calm your co-workers down too.
HEALTH: You are leading a lifestyle which is too sedentary. Try to move around a little otherwise things will get worse.


LOVE: You’ll be faced with an unexpected situation whereby your partner will need your help. You’ll find the right words to improve his or her morale.
WORK: You’ll be able to consolidate your position, making yourself indispensable. The changes which were on the cards will be put off but don’t assume this situation is all sorted out.
HEALTH: You have heaps of adrenaline and there’s nothing better than a relaxing swim.


LOVE: You’ll be in a great mood as you’ll notice the first signs of positive change. Sweet nothings will be exchanged mutually.
WORK: A really tiring phase is on the cards. Your presumption will stop you finalizing important deals so if you can, postpone appointments.
HEALTH: You’ll have negative thoughts which will put your nerves to the test.


LOVE: Your enthusiasm will be infectious to everyone around you. You’ll be able to comfort and console your Partner and be encouraging about the future.
WORK: You’ll need to intervene immediately on a problem otherwise you risk not dealing with an issue you should have dealt with for some time.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you unwind a little - a trip will help you get back on your feet and get back lost energy.


LOVE: Your tendency to let your partner do as he or she pleases could be misread as indifference. Make sure you clarify this.
WORK: You’ll stand firm in your position and will not back down. However, try not to be proud as listening to others’ suggestions could prove to be useful,
HEALTH: You can expect some problems and pains with your joints and these will make you less agile; join a gym as soon as possible.


LOVE: You’ll have heaps of initiative and energy. You’ll be able to discover your partner’s positive side.
WORK: You’ll have to teach your profession to other people. Even if you don’t like the idea of this, you’ll have to agree to it without complaining.
HEALTH: Take the necessary precautions to ward off seasonal ailments.


LOVE: You are encouraging change far too quickly. Accelerating things won’t help so slow down!
WORK: A critical phase (whereby you’ll need to put up with exasperating situations) is on the cards. Don’t let this get you down and use your energy to look around as there are heaps of other opportunities.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you eliminate bad habits and eat properly.


LOVE: A misunderstanding will lead you to reflect back on past situations which you’d forgotten. Think back and weigh up your situation.
WORK: You’ll miss an opportunity because of your procrastination. You will be reluctant to modify something you have already completed as you feel satisfied with what you have done.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you watch your alcohol consumption which is harmful for your delicate health.


LOVE: You’ll feel great satisfaction in seeing that your relationship is going so well. This is the right route to creating the stability you deserve.
WORK: You’ll suffer a minor failure and this will teach you something. Try not to get bitter and learn from this.
HEALTH: Problems with digestion are likely as you feel edgy. Lately you are prone to stress and agitation.



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