Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pisces 2009, yearly astrology


LOVE: You’ll set yourself ambitious targets just to show yourself you can reach them. You’ll give your all when trying to win over a new potential partner.
WORK: You’ll have some difficulties in communicating; you’ll find it hard to express what you really mean about a plan or project. Collate all your ideas.
HEALTH: You’ll feel strong and powerful but don’t push your body too far.


LOVE: Past serenity will return to the family life. Act cautiously, especially as you’ll have to take a decision which also involves your partner.
WORK: You may be offered a trip which would give you some useful experience. Although you are tired, this could also be a way to unwind a little.
HEALTH: You’ll be prone to infections so be careful around those with whom you come into contact.


LOVE: You’ll feel confused so listen to the advice of someone you trust. You’ll tend to be the center of attention and open to criticism.
WORK: You will have to get over a huge stumbling block which will make achieving your goals difficult. The Stars advise you to use logic, intuition and courage.
HEALTH: You’ll be very attentive to your health, well-being and figure.


LOVE: You’ll manage to get through of a tough period with your beloved which has been caused by a misunderstanding. You’ll realize that others were entirely to blame for this.
WORK: You’ll get the results you’d hoped for. However you’ll tend to shy away from new responsibilities. Before taking such decisions, you should weigh them up.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you spend a little time in contact with Nature to rediscover its charms.


LOVE: Your enthusiasm will be infectious to everyone around you. You’ll be charismatic and will win over your Partner with your gentle ways.
WORK: You should reflect before speaking. This characteristic of yours could lead to inter-personal problems with co-workers. Be shrewd.
HEALTH: You’ll need to relax to get rid of all accumulated stress.


LOVE: You’ll sometimes feel you are with the wrong person due to opposing points of view. Instead of this, try to focus on what makes the two of you good together.
WORK: You’ll get some news but can expect some traps and hidden danger. It’ll take time to regain stability. Controversy with a co-worker is likely.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest eliminating all stress through a healthy sport or activity.


LOVE: You’ll feel a little tense because of unresolved problems. Your partner will find your insecurity difficult to deal with.
WORK: You’ll need to seek the help of someone with more expertise than you. The tasks asked of you need more preparation and you need to work on this.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you don’t let laziness get the better of you and to take up a sport or activity you really enjoy.


LOVE: You’ll give in too much and this means others could well take advantage of you. Try to earn more respect.
WORK: Your charm will help you avoid criticism but be careful as it may not be so easy next time.
HEALTH: You’ll feel anxiety caused by the stress of daily life.


LOVE: You’ll be amazed that a difficult situation will suddenly resolve itself. You’ll feel confused and unsettled by this.
WORK: You will need to concentrate more on what you do otherwise you may well not realize that opportunities and hidden dangers are passing before your eyes.
HEALTH: A little exercise is enough to keep your muscles strong so try to do some sport to keep in great shape.


LOVE: You’ll make the right choice but this will take a great effort. Your love for your partner will mean you’ll act unnaturally and this will come back to haunt you.
WORK: You should be more confrontational at work. Someone will try to waste your time and energy on useless tasks.
HEALTH: You’ll feel a little sick and not in great shape.


LOVE: You’ll behave in an impulsive and neurotic way. But you’ll realize the errors of your ways and will save the situation by showing your partner a great deal of affection.
WORK: You’ll have to deal with someone with whom you get on very well. Together you can start up new projects and will receive support.
HEALTH: Physically you feel great ; you feel the urge for movement and games. Organize an event with friends.





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