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Saguittarius Horoscope 2009


LOVE: You’ll tend to act falsely, purely to get what you want. You will lack self control and this will irritate your partner.
WORK: Someone very influential will help you with your career. This will surprise you but will make you feel very confident.
HEALTH: You’ll feel tired out and lack energy but you’ll find a way to recuperate.


LOVE: A minor misunderstanding will take time to be resolved, simply because of your pride. This will upset you so make the first move.
WORK: You’ll have a discussion with a co-worker about a deal which didn’t go well. Try not to use too harsh a tone towards this person, he or she is not to blame.
HEALTH: Force yourself to do a little more movement and lead a less sedentary lifestyle; this will impact on your daily life.


LOVE: Once again, you’ll feel afraid of opening up to your beloved. Your behavior will be forced and false.
WORK: You’ll need to beware of trickery and fraud. Someone in your midst is promising you easy money.
HEALTH: Don’t eat excessive quantities of food or you’ll get stomach pains.


LOVE: It’ll be tough to get back your partner’s trust but you’ll finally get there by being astute.
WORK: You’ll have to work hard because of minor hitches which slow down your work. Taking better decisions will help you to save time.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest a trip, even a short one, which will be a change from the humdrum of daily life. You need it!


LOVE: You’ll pick up on some kind of tension between you and your partner. Ignore it. Don’t put any importance on this and talk about something else.
WORK: You’ll receive the result you want by taking small steps. Avoid confiding your plans to others.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you to make sure your posture is good as this will help you avoid chronic backache.


LOVE: You should try to appreciate the positive sides to your partner’s character. Don’t try to change his or her negative sides or behave selfishly.
WORK: You’ll be against everything and everyone. You’ll feel as if you are in the firing line and this will mean you won’t manage to work serenely. Reflect about how much depends on you and how much on others.
HEALTH: You’ll feel in great shape and nothing can hold you back.


LOVE: You’ll realize you behaved badly when in a rage and will seek your beloved’s pardon. It’ll be easier if you give more Love.
WORK: You’ll do your utmost to finalize a deal, using all your charm, skills and shrewdness. You’ll get there in the end but you’ll find this exhausting.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you drink a great deal of water and take proteins and vitamins.


LOVE: A stormy period with your beloved is on the cards and this will make things difficult for you. This is the result of broken promises so now is the time to sort things out.
WORK: You’ll get an opportunity to change occupation or improve your current role by taking on new responsibilities. Watch out for traps and hidden dangers.
HEALTH: You’ll be in great shape and will offload all accumulated tension.


LOVE: You’ll have some great, unforgettable times together with your beloved. The Stars implore you not to keep your feelings hidden as you usually do.
WORK: You’ll need to make an important decision and will feel stressed due to the responsibility. Also you’ll be afraid of making a mistake. Be firm and make a decision.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you not to overdo things, try to be constant and don’t tire yourself out.


LOVE: You’ll find it hard to put into practice all your good intentions to improve your relationship. Too often you keep things to yourself.
WORK: You’ll manage to solve a problem thanks to your great intuition and also to the intervention of a trustworthy co-worker.
HEALTH: You’ll be very dynamic and this will mean you increase physical activity.


LOVE: You’ll feel the need to confide in a friend about your contrasting feelings towards your beloved. Be careful - the responsibility is still yours alone.
WORK: The results you’ve been waiting for will arrive and you’ll be recognized for your hard work. This will make you more confident about your abilities.
HEALTH: Previous pain will return and this is maybe due to a bump. We suggest a check up.


LOVE: You’ll be able to spend time with someone you find fascinating and will consider ending your current relationship. Just remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
WORK: You’ll have to deal with someone with whom you get on very well. Together you will manage to finalize projects you had planned and a friendship could blossom.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you to watch out as you are prone to distraction so be careful.


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