Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Libra 2009 astrology


LOVE: Try not to be too insistent with others. Moderate your demands or you could end up being accused of being selfish.
WORK: You’ll choose a line of action which will cause problems. There will be many misunderstandings and this could hinder success.
HEALTH: You could feel a little weak so be careful as you are prone to catching a cold.


LOVE: You’ll tend to distance yourself from your beloved as things aren’t going too well. Running away isn’t the right solution as it doesn’t solve anything. Face your problems.
WORK: You’ll discover you’ll need time to get what you wanted so will have to take a decision. Stay calm - there’s no rush.
HEALTH: Don’t go to bed straight after dinner, this could cause bad digestion.


LOVE: Try not to be too demanding and others will swarm around you like bees to a honey pot. Don’t impose your ideals and be more understanding.
WORK: The opportunity you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Be ready. A great ( and financially viable) opportunity could slip through your fingers.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you get your eyes checked out.


LOVE: You have the right ideas but you won’t express them properly. To avoid misunderstandings, be as loyal and honest as you can.
WORK: You’ll react to situations far too slowly and this is due to your increasing levels of responsibility. Don’t worry about not succeeding - you’ll be fine.
HEALTH: Chronic problems of circulation will make your legs feel tired and heavy : a little movement will help.


LOVE: Your beloved will feel envious of your success. You’ll be able to bring harmony back into the relationship by being gentle and saying the right thing.
WORK: You’ll use your gut instinct to deal with unexpected hitches. However this time, instinct alone won’t suffice so you’ll need to opt for a method based on facts.
HEALTH: Avoid climatic changes which could cause cervical pain.


LOVE: You’ll overcome a difficult period of misunderstandings with your beloved by being fair and gentle. As well as being logical, be kind and tender.
WORK: Your skills and talents will win the consensus of a superior. He or she will notice your artistic and creative ways and will suggest many useful ideas to develop.
HEALTH: You can expect toothache.


LOVE: Your beloved has become everything to you and you are distancing yourself from the rest of the world. This is risky.
WORK: You’ll underestimate the gravity of a problem but really need to evaluate carefully what the implications are. You’ll discover that this problem needs a great deal of attention.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you relax and enjoy some evenings out with friends to unwind.


LOVE: A relative’s presence will help you find harmony with your partner. In future, try to think of the consequences before you end up hurting others.
WORK: You could commit a grave error by not agreeing to check back on every detail of a task recently given to you.
HEALTH: You’ll tend to have respiratory problems as if you need air; you feel suffocated by all you have taken on.


LOVE: You’ll start up a conversation with your partner purely based on suppositions. However, this will turn into a disagreement. Stay cool.
WORK: You’ll need to be less competitive as you risk being left to your own devices. Try to adopt a policy of collaboration.
HEALTH: Try not to get too stressed; avoid tension, especially at home.


LOVE: You’ll have the strength of character to stand out from the crowd. Your good intentions will be misunderstood.
WORK: Someone will try to keep information from you but you will manage to understand his or her game and will find a solution.
HEALTH: The Stars invite you to watch what you eat as it doesn’t seem very balanced. Cut down on fat.


LOVE: Your Partner will put you in a tight spot and, as you don’t know how to react, you’ll feel on edge. Just remember ; you have nothing to hide so be as open and transparent as possible.
WORK: You’ll need to concentrate more if you want to reach the ambitious objectives you’ve set yourself. Start eliminating all the minor things which distract you and you’ll be fine.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you avoid getting angry over little things and to use your energy in the best way possible.


LOVE: Try not to keep yourself to yourself to chew things over. A minor misunderstanding will put you in a bad mood.
WORK: You’ll have a different opinion to others on an urgent matter and will find that everyone is against you. Don’t be afraid - you’ll come out of this fine.
HEALTH: Your lungs need oxygen so, if you smoke, try to cut down.



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