Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Virgo Horoscope 2009 ; yearly astrology


LOVE: You’ll finally take a decision which will make you feel serene. We advise you to work at this relationship as this is The One.
WORK: You’ll take a wrong decision but you’ll rectify this eventually. Delegate your most imminent tasks.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you do some gymnastics, especially in the morning.


LOVE: Meeting an old friend will make you reflect back on your life. Be less voluble and focus on things which last.
WORK: You’ll need to deal with someone who has more experience than you. You’ll come out of this brilliantly thanks to your cultural knowledge which saves you in many situations.
HEALTH: Watch what you eat and don’t be greedy.


LOVE: You’ll try at all costs to keep a stagnant situation going even if you know full well that the time has come to change. In this way you are just putting off what will inevitably eventually occur.
WORK: There are changes afoot and this situation will need more flexibility. You’ll have to give into decisions which come from above.
HEALTH: Continuous stress could lead to a lack of appetite. Try to cast aside your worries.


LOVE: Although you have good intentions, your actions aren’t correct. Some advice from a family member will help you express yourself with your beloved and eventually he or she will understand you.
WORK: You’ll spend a great deal of your time trying to solve a problem which has many repercussions on several activities in the firm. You’ll handle this well and will be praised.
HEALTH: You could feel some pain in your spine so avoid temperature highs and lows and cover up your neck.


LOVE: You’ll manage to solve a problem in an unconventional way. Your beloved will be surprised by your positive and unorthodox behavior and all disagreements will be forgotten.
WORK: You’ll face a new project with great enthusiasm as this looks really promising. You can savor the success!
HEALTH: Stay calm when faced with unexpected events.


LOVE: You’ll insist you are right about a past quarrel. Try to let this go, showing strength of character.
WORK: A wrong decision will impact on the entire period and this will darken your mood. You’ll need time and ingenuity to get through this.
HEALTH: You could have some leg pains, caused by poor circulation.


LOVE: Something isn’t quite right in your relationship and you’ll take the blame. As a personal problem is being hidden from you, focus on communication and dialog.
WORK: Your dislike of a co-worker will make you edgy. Avoid off-loading tension on those around you.
HEALTH: A cup of chamomile tea will help your sleep pattern and help you get to sleep more easily.


LOVE: Your stable situation will make you yearn for something else and exciting. Never take your relationship for granted as you could regret this when it’s too late.
WORK: You’ll tend to keep yourself to yourself and won’t trust anyone. Remember that this attitude will prevent you from growing professionally or improving. Confrontation and dialog is crucial.
HEALTH: Your bones will feel a little painful - maybe this is the start of flu.


LOVE: Your pride will make you behave in an unpleasant way and this will lead to competitiveness. Try to be more cautious and not so cocky towards those who love you.
WORK: You won’t even listen to people you usually trust and this could lead to huge errors.
HEALTH: Watch out for temperature highs and lows as there are lots of colds around.


LOVE: Those around you will appreciate your loyalty and trust you. Your partner will think you are really very special.
WORK: Your capabilities will be put to the test. Try to control your temper as you risk making the situation worse.
HEALTH: Slow down as your nervous system is reaching breaking point.


LOVE: You’ll tend to keep yourself to yourself and won’t allow anyone to console you, not even your partner. You’ll continue to worry about problems, making mountains out of molehills.
WORK: New opportunities will come your way although you’ll hesitate as timing and deadlines are not clear. Seek advice.
HEALTH: Your legs will feel heavy and sluggish : this could be caused by circulation problems.


LOVE: Fair weather friends will give some wrong advice; be careful as you could live to regret this. Follow your instincts and make your own decisions : they’ll be the right ones!
WORK: A punctilious superior will instruct you to re-do a task from scratch although you’d believed it was almost finished. Make your point calmly.
HEALTH: Avoid spicy food or you could suffer later.



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