Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leo 2009 horoscope


LOVE: You’ll manage to conciliate your desire for freedom with your need to have your partner by your side. You’ll realize that as long as there’s trust within a couple, there is freedom.
WORK: Your lack of concentration and focus could cause an error. Clarify immediately your responsibilities so that the situation doesn’t get worse.
HEALTH: The Stars recommend you don’t stay out too late as you need to rest.


LOVE: You’ll have heaps of energy and a great desire to keep busy. This will help you find out what’s bothering your Partner.
WORK: The desire to shine will lead you to work as hard as you can to increase your profile at work. Try to get rid of your fear of failure.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you to think about a place where you can go to enjoy great company.


LOVE: You won’t behave fairly towards your partner and this will lead to an important decision. You’ll feel strong and in control but time will show this is not the case.
WORK: You’ll need heaps of patience due to envious co-workers who will conspire against you to put you in a bad light.
HEALTH: The Stars recommend a general check-up.


LOVE: You’ll feel particularly tired due to stress. You’ll feel content in your relationship and will show just how happy you are.
WORK: You’ll find the courage and determination to tell someone important about the firm’s problems which slow down work and impede development.
HEALTH: You’ll feel weak but this is more mental exhaustion than physical tiredness. You are wearing yourself out.


LOVE: Try not to be proud as you could really regret this at a later date. Try just to be yourself or someone could catch you out.
WORK: You’ll need to ask a more experienced co-worker for advice to avoid falling into a trap set by a hostile and envious co-worker.
HEALTH: You still have a minor problem with your blood pressure and this will tire you out. Don’t overdo it.


LOVE: Your relationship will take a positive turn and this will be the basis for a solid future together. It’s early days but the foundations are solid.
WORK: Certain events will force you to take a second look at your position and the premises of an important task. Your open mindedness will allow you to achieve excellent results.
HEALTH: Moderate what you eat or you could gain weight.


LOVE: You’ll be thrown into a negative situation but your partner will be supportive and gentle towards you.
WORK: You won’t budge on what you think. However, by listening to the ideas of others you’ll see that your opinion is only one of many.
HEALTH: Therapeutic baths with salts will be useful for dealing with tiredness and exhaustion.


LOVE: You’ll tend to worry about minor matters instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Reflect about your attitude as you could disappoint others.
WORK: You’ll be surprised at the ease with which you complete a task. Your direct superior will notice this.
HEALTH: The Stars encourage you to stop chewing things over - this will tire you out.


LOVE: Something your Partner is hiding from you will irritate you. But sometimes hiding the truth saves hurting those you love.
WORK: You’ll realize that the time has come to change the way you work. Use all your strength and courage and take forward your decision.
HEALTH: Be careful when cooking - watch out for burns.


LOVE: Things will go well for you and your beloved. This closeness will help you share emotions and a good state of mind, leading to great dialog and harmony.
WORK: You’ll do the right thing when faced with a certain situation but unfortunately unexpected factors will emerge. Stay calm and sharpen your wits.
HEALTH: It’s not the right time to start a diet so wait for a more opportune time.


LOVE: You’ll refuse to change a situation which is getting stale. You’ll have to face the consequences of this behavior. Take the only decision possible.
WORK: You’ll receive a fantastic job opportunity which pays great money but don’t fall for this too quickly and think it over carefully.
HEALTH: You’ll be subject to seasonal indispositions so think carefully about what to wear.


LOVE: You’ll tend to consider everything as a joke. You’ll understand that your Partner will try to dominate you and you will react to this.
WORK: You won’t be helped by your instincts so reflect carefully before taking a decision at work otherwise you could waste a lot of time.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you avoid dangerous sports as you are prone to distraction.



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