Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cancer 2009 astrology for the whole year


LOVE: You’ll realize that your partner is bowled over by you and his or her affectionate ways and kind words will be the confirmation of this, Your efforts have been worthwhile but you are not being your true self.
WORK: You’ll be a useful reference point for your co-workers who will ask you for help with doing their jobs. Well done.
HEALTH: Minor ailments are likely as your diet is not balanced enough. Do something about this.


LOVE: You’ll be able to control your stubborn ways as you are in Love. And not only will this lead to better complicity and harmony with your partner, but you’ll discover far more pleasures this way.
WORK: You’ll find yourself in an uncertain situation as you’ll need to take a difficult decision. You will take a risk which will be controversial but this is the right move.
HEALTH: You could feel under the weather due to a diet which is low in fiber. Try to integrate this in your diet.


LOVE: You’ll try you get close to someone who makes you feel secure. You prefer the company of good friends as this avoids any possible disputes.
WORK: An error in judgment will lead to a minor failure and this will disappoint you. This will teach you to be more prudent in the future ; we learn from our mistakes.
HEALTH: Asking so much of your body means your defenses are down and you will be prone to ‘flu.


LOVE: Try not to get so wound up; this will help smooth over potential arguments or disagreements. You’ll have to change your ways if you want results.
WORK: You’ll wrongly judge a co-worker who will be sincere with you. Try to look at the facts more effectively and if you can, retract your accusations.
HEALTH: Try not to be too active as you could get over tired.


LOVE: Because of a poor choice you’ve made, your authority in your relationship will be put into question. You alone shouldn’t make all the decisions.
WORK: A missed opportunity and an unresolved problem will cause you a lot of upset. Just stay loyal to your ideals and beliefs.
HEALTH: You can expect your legs to get swollen, probably caused by standing on your feet for too long.


LOVE: You’ll tend to be impulsive and lose self control. Relax and reflect a little before answering.
WORK: Your dissatisfaction at work will reach new heights. You’ll feel the desire to change but the Stars will advise you to wait for a more opportune moment.
HEALTH: You’ll feel weak and lack energy. Don’t tire yourself out.


LOVE: You’ll try to find the reason behind everything and this will make you tense. Try not to impose yourself but create complicity and harmony with your partner.
WORK: A new professional path offers great advantages but also hidden dangers which you’ll eventually get to hear about. You’ll get through this by being determined.
HEALTH: A life which is too sedentary could lead to problems with your spine so move around a little.


LOVE: You believe you’ve found The One and will do everything you can to keep this person in your life. Just try to act more naturally ; this will facilitate things.
WORK: Your stubbornness will lead you to carry on a project despite criticism. You’ll finally show that you were right and all criticism will turn into praise.
HEALTH: The Stars advise you to supplement your diet with iron and mineral salts as this will help combat tiredness.


LOVE: You have no desire to listen to advice from those who are only trying to help and you’ll be rather inflexible with your Partner who will ask you why you are behaving like this.
WORK: You’ll make changes in your activity for aesthetic rather than practical reasons. This will be commented on but later re-evaluated as you are right, aesthetics are important.
HEALTH: If you do sport, watch out for your joints : you could be prone to pains in your ankles and wrists.


LOVE: You’ll think purely of yourself, forgetting others. Your partner will criticize you for being so distant.
WORK: You’ll need to wait to make the changes you so desire so start laying the foundations for this.
HEALTH: You’ll feel rather delicate ; try not to overdo things, especially when fetching and carrying. Try to rest and stop when possible.


LOVE: You’ll find harmony and understanding with your partner and will spend some unforgettable moments together. The time will go really quickly.
WORK: You will be given an interesting opportunity. Don’t be hostile (as you usually are) and welcome the change as it is positive.
HEALTH: You’ll feel ill due to dust or because of something you’ve eaten.


LOVE: Your claim to be right on matters which regard you both will lead to a disagreement and hence further problems. Your pride is dangerous.
WORK: A very experienced co-worker will advise you how to complete a task. Swallow your pride and be open-minded - you’ll learn a great deal.
HEALTH: Beware of temperature changes as these could lead to physical indisposition.



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