Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Capricorn 2009, yearly horoscope


LOVE: You’ll be able to show others just how capable and on the ball you are. You’ll be kind and affectionate, making communication and dialog easier.
WORK: Beware of hidden dangers and traps. Act cautiously and shrewdly.
HEALTH: Whatever you do will feel like a great burden. All your tiredness and stress has now come to a head.


LOVE: An opportunity you’ve been waiting for finally turns up : don’t let it slip through your hands. Your need to excel will irritate others.
WORK: You’ll tend to give out orders and this won’t be appreciated by others. Don’t tell others about your decisions.
HEALTH: You’ll be uncharacteristically energetic and your optimism will be infectious. You’ll be on great form.


LOVE: You’ll feel perturbed by your beloved’s requests for complicity. You’ll feel both fear of commitment on one hand and your lack of affection on the other.
WORK: You’ll get the opportunity to take a great trip which will lead to new developments in the work environment.
HEALTH: You’ll feel really tired so try not to burn the candles at both ends and rest.


LOVE: Do your best to clarify situations and make your beloved feel confident and loved. Words will suffice.
WORK: Your efforts to improve will be praise-worthy although you’ll realize this isn’t enough to get the results you desire. You need training.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you don’t overeat and to consider a healthy diet.


LOVE: The way you act will cause a minor tiff with your partner. Try to be a little more coherent with what you say if you want to avoid problems.
WORK: You’ll be able to show your worth by doing a task really well. However, at work there is a tense atmosphere and this will influence your mood.
HEALTH: You are in great shape and will excel at any sport or activity you do.


LOVE: You’ll find it hard to get your beloved’s trust back but eventually you will succeed and feel safer and more secure.
WORK: You will be able to shine, showing everyone just how competent you are. However you should really analyze your place of work as it isn’t what it seems.
HEALTH: Don’t push your body too hard.


LOVE: You’ll be flattered by the compliments of someone you’ve known for a long time and will see him or her in a new light. You’ll have a great deal in common, which you will only discover now.
WORK: You’ll be guided by your intuition. Cast aside all pride when dealing with a despotic superior.
HEALTH: Severe stress is stopping you from sleeping properly and this is making you irritable. Clear your mind.


LOVE: The Stars advise you not to follow your instincts and get angry - just stay calm when discussing things with your Partner.
WORK: You’ll need to really focus on the solution to a problem. It appears that someone is trying to trip you up, using everything he or she can to do so.
HEALTH: You’ll be in great shape and will have nothing to worry about.


LOVE: You’ll have to show a side of your character which you’ve kept under wraps until now. This will revive your relationship and create a new form of stability.
WORK: It won’t be easy when dealing with someone who stands firm in his or her opinions. However, thanks to your cheerful behavior, you’ll find a solution.
HEALTH: You’re probably asking too much of your body so slow down a little.


LOVE: You’ll feel there’s something missing in your relationship but won’t know exactly what this is. You’ll feel the urge for exciting and stimulating developments to unfurl.
WORK: Try to consolidate your position, maybe by speaking clearly to a superior who has lately been rather hostile towards you.
HEALTH: Relax using valerian or hawthorn infusion.


LOVE: You’ll be very determined to reach your goals. Try to keep a rein on your enthusiasm as this could upset your partner.
WORK: Interesting opportunities which could help you to grow professionally and also financially, are on the cards. You feel the need to change periodically.
HEALTH: Everyone will envy your great body and you’ll be the center of attention.


LOVE: You’ll feel as if the mat has been pulled out from under your feet - suddenly you’ll realize your relationship isn’t as solid or stable as you’d thought and you are right.
WORK: You’ll be intolerant and will lack enthusiasm at work. However, you will find equilibrium which will allow you to go forward with no hitches.
HEALTH: The Stars recommend you eat lots of fruit which contains Vitamin C.


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