Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scorpio 2009 astrology; yearly horoscope


LOVE: Being jealous of your beloved’s friends is causing heated arguments, leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. Try to be more understanding and to give your partner more freedom.
WORK: Total confusion will reign due to a frenetic atmosphere and impending deadlines. If you want to finish your duties, don’t drag behind.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you spend more time with people who can understand and encourage you.


LOVE: You’ll feel irritated by a relative. Try to be sensitive as you could end up hurting your partner if not.
WORK: You are particularly susceptible so don’t expose yourself. Cast aside old rancor and follow your plans without being influenced by others.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you watch what you eat and reduce your intake of meat and fish.


LOVE: Your optimism will be a great help when dealing with problems. You’ll be able to anticipate your Partner’s demands even before he or she expresses them.
WORK: You’ll be able to weigh up new alternatives which will open up doors in your career. Your tenacity and good will can only be praised.
HEALTH: You’ll feel breathless and will rush to achieve all objectives. Be careful - you are far too stressed.


LOVE: Your exuberant ways will let you do all the things you’ve been ignoring for a while. You’ll be inconstant and voluble but try to understand what your partner wants.
WORK: You’ll feel the burden of responsibility heavily as you are extremely tired. A wrong choice has also not helped. Ask for advice.
HEALTH: Migraines are possible and these will complicate your lifestyle. Try to live as simply as you can.


LOVE: You’ll be on edge and touchy so think before you speak. Don’t close up and be as open as you can. Your partner will understand you.
WORK: Someone will notice your impatience and will use this against you. Try not to be edgy and go forward without delay. You’ll come out with your head high.
HEALTH: You are not in the best of moods and the Stars suggest you don’t spend too much time in the company of others.


LOVE: Suddenly, you’ll experience doubts and won’t be sure you’ve made the right choice. These are important moments of growth and maturity.
WORK: You’ll need to wait for the changes you desire to arrive. Moreover, watch out for someone who promises help and understanding as this couldn’t be further from the truth.
HEALTH: Tension and edginess are Enemy Number 1. You could try to use techniques of relaxation.


LOVE: You’ll feel you lack stability and will become possessive and nasty towards your partner. Get through this period and things will sort themselves out.
WORK: The situation won’t seem as stable as usual and this will cause you anxiety. Open your eyes and look around. You’ll see how many opportunities are in your midst.
HEALTH: Try not to tire yourself out too much as you are already at the edge of your limit. Postpone all complicated matters.


LOVE: You’ll be particularly intuitive and this will help you in day to day life. Be patient and comfort your partner who is feeling disappointed and let down.
WORK: Although a task is completed well, the person who should evaluate it begs to differ. Weigh up the situation carefully and stand firm when needed.
HEALTH: The Stars recommend you drink citrus juices, especially in the morning.


LOVE: Your relationship will take a positive turn and you’ll see your partner in a whole new light. Not everyone has this level of understanding and communication in their relationship.
WORK: Someone will try to cause you harm; don’t waste time finding out who - just continue to produce great results which everyone can see.
HEALTH: Something you eat may well have repercussions on your intestines. Eat in moderation.


LOVE: You’ll realize there is a great deal you’d like to change about your personality to improve your relationship with your partner. There’s no rush - patience and Constance will triumph.
WORK: You will insist that someone who has made a mistake takes responsibility for this. Try not to be too exasperating or insistive however or you could get the opposite to what you desire.
HEALTH: You’ll feel really toned and will have boundless energy.


LOVE: You’ll be seductive, kind, charismatic and charm all those in your midst. You’ll go out with someone with whom you are on the same wavelength.
WORK: You’ll receive signs implying professional growth is on the cards. You’ll know how to take advantage of a stroke of luck.
HEALTH: You’ll feel a little weak in general due to climate changes.


LOVE: You’ll experience a period of stalemate with your beloved who is taking his or her time, as are you. A break will be helpful for both of you.
WORK: You’ll complete a great backlog of work. Try not to overdo things and concentrate as much as possible.
HEALTH: The Stars recommend you walk more often in the open air as this does you the world of good.



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