Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gemini 2009 yearly horoscope


LOVE: Try to weigh up situations objectively and use your intuition. Try to look at the positive side.
WORK: You won’t accept authority and will want to do everything your own way. Watch out you don’t get too stubborn. The Stars advise you to always let reason prevail over instinct.
HEALTH: You could experience some skin problems, due to poor nutrition.


LOVE: You’ll be determined to be right and will have no desire to listen to others. You should spend more time with your partner.
WORK: A great disappointment is on the cards due to an activity which won’t go well. This is because you have worked on unstable foundations. A superior will help you.
HEALTH: Your body needs rest so give yourself some time-out.


LOVE: This will be a great period where you’ll feel really close to your partner. The Stars favor you so make the most of this to consolidate your relationship.
WORK: You’ll carry out a task brilliantly and will be rewarded and praised for this. Try not to let this go to your head however and instead show how constant you are.
HEALTH: You’ll have to find a way to eliminate tension and stress which is simply too high.


LOVE: Your partner will finally tell you what you’ve been waiting so long to hear. Just remember however this is only the start of a long journey together.
WORK: You can expect many surprises, although not all will be positive. So stock up on energy and determination to get through.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you have a change and take a little trip to feel restored.


LOVE: You’ll have to do your utmost to be forgiven by your beloved. But yet again you’ll survive. Try to be less stubborn in the future.
WORK: You’ll have to rely on common sense as you won’t know the right solution to a problem. Keep your co-workers in the loop too.
HEALTH: Expect ailments due to low blood pressure. This will make you feel tired both physically and mentally.


LOVE: You’ll feel ecstatically happy thanks to the extraordinary connection between you and your beloved. You’ll feel this is turning into True Love.
WORK: Interesting financial opportunities are on the way. Don’t let yourself be taken in by these and try laying the foundations for your professional future.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you get your blood pressure checked out as it could go down suddenly.


LOVE: You could meet an old friend who will have changed a great deal. You’ll find it hard to choose between two partners.
WORK: You should try to discuss matters more often with others. You will be reproached for some unfriendly behavior.
HEALTH: You’ll have heaps of energy and will get better results than usual.


LOVE: Your relationship will consolidate and move forward thanks to your valiant efforts. You’ll make important plans which will change your future.
WORK: You can look forward to a period of great satisfaction. After several attempts and mistakes, you’ll find the right solution to solving a puzzle, all thanks to your intuition.
HEALTH: You’ll get irritated very easily and won’t find equilibrium.


LOVE: Don’t expect to have your partner present in each and every situation. It is important to give others space, otherwise you could end up losing everything you hold dear.
WORK: You’ll need to act shrewdly towards someone who is trying to trip you up. Try to use similar tactics - be false!
HEALTH: If playing sport, watch out for muscular twists and sprains.


LOVE: Don’t underestimate all the attention your beloved needs from you. You sometimes take things for grated which you shouldn’t. Be gentler and more understanding.
WORK: Only believe in yourself. Try not however to take on too much as you risk overloading yourself.
HEALTH: You’ll have slight backache caused by distraction.


LOVE: You’ll have to take responsibility for your own actions. Try not to be edgy. Your need to excel will irritate others.
WORK: Try to turn a situation into your advantage. Just be careful you don’t ignore other needs.
HEALTH: You’ll be full of vitality and this will last for ages. Enjoy all these moments of exuberance.


LOVE: You’ll be able to weigh up all opportunities and grab them as they come up. You’ll be effective at showing your partner just how much you love him or her.
WORK: You don’t want to share your opinions with anyone as you want to be the best. Just be careful as this could well become a limitation.
HEALTH: You’ll feel very tired and weary so try to channel your energy more effectively.



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